Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pocket Phone Jammer

 The pocket mobile sender is employed to dam unauthorized work of itinerant in any explicit location. we tend to use Pocket phone sender to the place wherever we tend to need peaceful atmosphere like churches, category rooms, occasional cafes, restaurants, motion-picture show theatres and alternative places. this can be a special kind pocket phone sender. we will simply take it anyplace like conference meeting, automotive and intelligence bureau etc. it\'s straightforward to use, pocket phone sender. Pocket phone signal sender will forestall up to ten meters. this can be extremely advanced and powerful Pocket Phone sender has introduced for electronic countermeasures unwanted mobile signals as well as CDMA, DCS, GSM, 3G signals and 4G signals.
It cover by the protect of metal .This is simple to control and attributable to its transportable size simple to  install on anyplace throughout any confidential conferences or whereas traveling it are often placed simply in your pocket, everyone understand that there\'s any mobile will work to disables signals. it\'s an extended time battery backup, up to two to three hour while not have an effect on the other electronic devices. It plays a estimable half for security in military and personnel to interrupt up communication of criminals. Charging Pocket Phone sender spends less power. This AC adapter and Dc automotive charger also can charge. it\'s simply charged with the AC and Dc adapter automotive charger.
Pocket phone sender (Metal Body)also referred to as a mobile telephone radio emission sender, these kind of devices work for distract and electronic countermeasures the majority incoming signals from relevant network service supplier thus there just some specific Phone sender that area unit immune to this, principally of that you almost certainly wouldn\'t bump into anyways. Pocketed phone sender appears like itinerant. it\'s internal material antennas and also the battery are often simply modified by hand same like itinerant. Pocket phone sender is top quality style, low heat expectation, continues action. we will use it with charging is consumed. The radio signals from mobile sender facilitate we will scale back Pollution.

1. 100% greenhorn and quality itinerant signal sender
2.    Creates enough interference to dam all phone signals around (GSM / CDMA 850Mhz~960Mhz / DCS/PHS 1805Mhz~1990Mhz / 3G 2110-2170 MHz)
3.    Full metal construction creates a solid and technical school feel
4.    It blocks signals among a radius of 1-20m.
5.    It intrinsical two500mAh Li-battery lasts 2 to three hours and conjointly works to charges on AC adapter and DC automotive charger
6. attributable to low power consumption as a result  no damage to frame and environment-friendly
7. light-weight weight, fits-in-a-pocket size
8. good for the subsequent occasions:
9. lecture rooms and tiny seminar halls
2.    Isolation signal frequency:
3.    GSM / CDMA 850Mhz~960Mhz / DCS/PHS 1805Mhz~1990Mhz / 3G 2110-2170 megacycle
4.    Total transmit power: 3W
5.    Coverage radius: 1-20 meters
6. intrinsical reversible Li-battery DC 12V 2500mAh
7.    Dimension: 113 (H) *60 (L) *30 (W) metric linear unit
8.    AC Charger: AC110~220V
9. operative temperature: thirty to 60\'C


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